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Serves startups to improve customer experience & reduce costs.

Riva Services

“A Results-Driven Digital Marketing Agency”

For Small-To-Medium Sized Businesses

At Riva Marketing Services, we offer a range of marketing services that can help you reach your business goals. Bringing together a team of strategic, technical and creative specialists to drive success for your brand, we provide tailor-made services to promote growth, exposure and brand authority for your business.

Our services are structured to help you to understand, develop and continuously improve your digital experiences, through a proven and robust approach.

Social Media Marketing

A strategic approach to social media marketing with a result driven mindset baked by research and insight.

Affiliate Marketing

Evolve a platform to encourage influencers/ affiliates to promote your brand in exchange for a commission.

Lead Generation

Develop tailored lead generation strategies to generate qualified leads to feed hungry sales teams.

Customer Retention

Customized marketing mix that will keep the customers you have invested in to acquire, proves budget-friendly.

Learn & Earn

We are always on the hunt for smart, curious professionals excited to learn even more, who are seeking opportunities to work as a freelancer. Start your own adventure with us as we continue to create exceptional value for our customers.